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Power Shuttle LaunchPort AP.5

Power Shuttle LaunchPort AP.5

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LaunchPort AP.5 Sleeve: Lightning connector for iPad Air
The LaunchPort AP.5 Sleeve, for iPad Air 1st and 2nd* generation, available in Black and White
Compatibility: this sleeve is designed for the 1st generation iPad Air (2013) and provides an additional layer of protection. It also fits the 2nd generation iPad Air (2014). This requires an additional “Fit Pad”-kit. AP.5 Sleeves shipped starting december 1st 2014 will have this Fit Pad included for free. If you have purchased a Launchport AP.5 sleeve before this date and you want to make your AP.5 Sleeve compatible with the 2nd generation iPad Air (2014), contact our customer service for a free Fit Pad upgrade kit.
Note: Due to the iPad Air 2’s new back camera location, the current AP.5 Sleeve may reduce back camera fidelity. An updated AP.5 Sleeve with full compatibility is coming early 2015.