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Power Shuttle LaunchPort AM.2

Power Shuttle LaunchPort AM.2

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Launchport AM.2 Sleeve
This sleeve is compatible with the 1st (2012), 2nd (2013) and 3rd (2014) generation iPad Mini and provides an additional layer of protection.
LaunchPort is a revolutionary way to mount and charge your iPad Mini practically everywhere in your home (office). The LaunchPort system consists of a sleeve and a station.
The Launchport AM.2 Sleeve fits snugly to your iPad Mini, and the station is mounted conveniently on a wall, or placed on an appropriate surface, like your desk, the kitchen counter or a side table.
LaunchPort makes use of induction which means that it will initiate charging as soon as the sleeve comes into contact with the station all without having to connect any cables. The sleeve is mounting through a powerful magnet, which means it is securely fastened to the surface of the wall or base, but can be removed when you exert a little strength to disengage the magnets.
The magnets are integrated in the sleeve and powerful enough to hold it up against a flat metal surface such as a fridge or metal frame.
It takes about 4 hours to charge an iPad Mini from 0-100%.The LaunchPort AM.2 Sleeve, for alle generations iPad mini with lightning connector, available in Black and White.