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Acquisitore codici IR, IR Pro.

Acquisitore codici IR, IR Pro.

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The IR-PRO is an infrared code capture system that is specifically designed for system integration professionals.
Unlike the capture hardware available in universal “learning” remote controls, the IR-PRO incorporates a much more robust and sophisticated circuit design. This, combined with RTI’s proprietary software algorithms, allows the IR-PRO to reliable capture almost any infrared code regardless of code format, frequency, output strength, battery condition, alignment position, location of infrared emitter, etc.
Because RTI’s remote control products are sold only through professional installers/programmers, and never directly to consumers, it is our philosophy to not incorporate programming capability directly into our products. Instead, we are committed to providing our dealers with the hardware and software tools that allow them to create re-usable programming databases and templates in the most efficient and reliable way possible.
– Advanced infrared detection circuit ensures accurate code capture under almost any condition.
– Compatible with virtually all brands of A/V equipment and remote controls.
– EMI noise suppression for glitch-free acquisition.
– USB port for programming. The IR-PRO acts as a standard Human Interface Device, so no special drivers need to be installed on your PC (Windows® 2000 and higher).
– No external power supply required. Power is derived directly from the USB port.
– Feedback LEDs confirm operation.
– Compact, rugged design. The IR-PRO is designed to be transported from one job site to the next without incurring damage.
– Available only to professional system integrators.
– Two year parts and labor warranty.