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Sintoamplificatore Nad T748 V2

Sintoamplificatore Nad T748 V2

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Building on the precedent set by its celebrated predecessor, the NAD T 748 delivers everything you need to enhance your home cinema experience. With seven channels of ultra low distortion power, as well as support for all the latest surround sound formats and digital video technologies, the T 748 does it all. Now with a new zone 2 feature, which allows users to use the surround back channels as a separate stereo zone, the T 748 also includes five powerful audio-video presets optimizing your ability to fully customize various source materials with specific speaker settings and surround modes. You can even connect your iPod with our IPD 2 Dock and follow your favourite songs on the T 748’s on-screen video display. Ensuring that setup and user control are both effortless and efficient, the T 748 is a performance driven receiver designed to elevate one’s home theatre system by creating a soundstage that is expansive and engaging