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Ricevitore Wireless ZigBee RTI ZM-24

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Ricevitore Wireless ZigBee RTI ZM-24

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ZM-24 Zigbee Transceiver Module The ZM-24 2.4GHz Zigbee® Transceiver Module provides bi-directional communication between two-way enabled RTI remote controls and control processors utilizing Zigbee® wireless communication. Capable of being hard-wired directly to a control processor or be used as a wireless repeater device to create an ultra-reliable, self-healing Zigbee network. Utilizing the latest in wireless technology, the ZM-24 Transceiver Module is capable of more than just receiving signals - it can transmit signals as well. This creates a bi-directional communication link between Zigbee® enabled RTI control processors and handheld remote controls. Feedback, such as song meta-data or volume level from supported devices can now be viewed on the remote control. The ZM-24 is easy to install, since only one module needs to be hard-wired to the control processor. Additional “repeater” modules can be added by simply powering them from any electrical outlet within communication range of other modules. The ZM-24 units will then create a self-healing “mesh” network which adapts to changes or problems with the communication path. NOTE: A 2.4 GHz Zigbee® enabled remote control and processor must be used with this model of transceiver. It is not compatible with the 433MHz remote controls. - Enables bi-directional Zigbee® communication. - Wireless Zigbee® communication range between ZM-24 modules up to 100 feet. - Connects to a central processor from up to 1000 feet away using standard Cat5 cable. - Create a self-healing mesh network by adding modules configured in “repeater” mode. - Utilizes IEEE802.15.4 wireless Zigbee® communication at 2.4Ghz. - Durable plastic enclosure and adjustable antenna. - Receives power from an RTI control processor or from the included power supply. - Durable plastic enclosure and adjustable antenna. - Easy mounting with a detachable wall bracket. * The ZM-24 does not directly control A/V components. It must be used in conjunction with a Zigbee® enabled processor.

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